Tailored solutions for our customers with proven technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Brainjar is the partner you need for end-to-end machine learning applications and general consulting.

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Chatbots and conversation commerce

Chatbots are the new apps. A new conversational user interface that comes with huge opportunities for businesses.

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Let’s start your blockchain adventure today!

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Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Automate your business processes with software robots or artificial intelligence workers

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DevOps & Managed Service

A unique and powerful combination within the IT sector and the perfect basis for carefree cloud, middleware or application modernisation.

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Edge Computing

Using agile methodologies, we unlock fast prototyping of edge computing applications for everyone

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Java and JavaScript

Creating custom Java and JavaScript solutions for our customer since 1999. We strive to stay ahead by investing in the latest new technologies e.g. ReactNative, AngularJS…

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Digital Experiences

HCL digital experience solutions empower users with instant access to the information they need — when they need it.

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iBizz infuses artificial intelligence into robots. We create conversational robots. Robots you can use as receptions, product advisors,…

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Integration and hybrid cloud

Drive your digital transformation and business results through hybrid integration of your native cloud and enterprise apps

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Messaging & Collaboration

Empower people inside and outside your organization to connect, collaborate and innovate. Create a smarter workforce. Deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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