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iBizz is a team of passionate prototypers, developers, integration designers and marketing artists in a digital transforming world.
We collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective solutions.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

In the broad range of enterprise applications, the common denominator is always the robust Java platform performing under the hood. iBizz pragmatic approach of Java projects builds heavily on test automation, continuous delivery practices and infrastructure-as-code, all supported by Java/JEE standards, open source projects and highly scalable IBM solutions

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Custom Java & JavaScript development
  • Application modernisation
  • Digital Experience

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iBizz' crafted prototypes in the following domains - Artificial Intelligence, Mobile & Web, Cloud, Internet of Things and Blockchain

What we want to achive
  • Test & proof the solution
  • Tackle technical challenges
  • Rally financial support
  • Fail fast & inexpensively

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DevOps and Managed Services

DevOps & Managed Services

Using DevOps tools and applying DevOps best practices, iBizz allows your company to stay ahead of the competition, by deploying solutions more often, with a lower failure rate and at a much larger scale both in on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • IBM product installation & configuration
  • IBM PureApplications management
  • Pattern development

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Marketing automation consulting

Marketing automation consulting

We help you "zen" your life as a marketeer

Our mission starts

from personalised communication based upon customer behavior to lead nurturing and lead scoring, resulting in higher conversion

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Integration and Hybrid cloud

Integration & Hybrid cloud

iBizz drives your digital transformation and business results through hybrid integration of your native cloud and enterprise apps

Integrate your native cloud applications with your current infrastructure. Link your critical enterprise data to create customer-specific applications across hybrid, on-premises and cloud environments. Then, leverage your APIs to connect to new partners and expand to new markets.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • IBM Integration Bus, DataPower, MQ
  • Hybrid cloud integrations (Bluemix)

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