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iBizz and Portico join forces

iBizz and Portico join forces

16.01.2017 Press release

Monday 16 January 2017 - With effect from 1 January 2017, Dutch company Portico Consultancy has been taken over by iBizz, the IBM branch of the Cronos Group. The takeover expands the Group's network in the Netherlands. The takeover gives iBizz around 70 employees who specialise in a range of areas including Digital Experience, Watson, Mobile, Collaboration, Chatbots and Blockchain.

"With the takeover of Portico Consultancy we are strengthening our IBM portfolio with knowledge and experience relating to the IBM Digital Experience and a broad customer base across the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, the takeover is the first step towards an expansion in the Netherlands of existing business units such as Optis and Craftworkz”, explains Sam Bambust, Managing Partner at iBizz.

Portico Consultancy shall in turn be able to realise ambitious growth objectives not only in the Netherlands, but in Belgium as well. "Given the core activities of Portico in developing and building innovative portals and apps, the two companies joining forces is a logical step forwards", explains Dennis Rot, founder and Managing Partner of Portico Consultancy.

"The combination with iBizz will ensure that we can move to integrate new and innovative technologies more quickly, to the immediate benefit of our customers", according to Harmen van der Kooij, Managing Partner of Portico Consultancy.

Portico Consultancy was founded in 2004 and builds next generation portals and apps for a broad range of target groups and industries, including internal employee portals and customer portals. In Belgium, Portico operates primarily in the retail sector, and in the Netherlands, in the banking sector and public sector (government). The company is headquartered in Amsterdam.

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